Who we are

Unlike the many quick, once over, in-and-out cleaners who see a business space just like they see a regular home, we’re a cleaning company that knows the commercial space, cares for your special equipment, and takes customer satisfaction seriously, We treat your business the way a young mother holds her newborn. Two hands, with love.

The difference

More than the world’s most beautiful staff Yes, it’s true. Spruces’ staff are renowned for their smoldering good looks. But we don’t just hire perfectly sculpted individuals to stand around twirling a mop and broom in their hands. Our people are lean, mean, thoroughly-trained cleaning machines – ready to handle the trickiest office space, warehouses, and industrial sites, large and small. We use state-of-the-art equipment and embrace modern technology, including touchless disinfection devices. We’re fast, reliable, and you’ll always have access to a dedicated account manager. Spruces is much more than your local, eco-friendly Aussie cleaning company.

Our values

Greener Workplace

Spruces makes your workplace greener with the implementation of an eco-friendly waste management plan and recycling, while also planting trees on your behalf as part of every clean. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never stop believing you can achieve your dreams and change the world for the good.

Productive Workplace

We want to make a positive difference to companies by improving culture, exploring new workplace wellness ideas, and increasing employee engagement. If you’re looking for ways to make your office an environment where people are happier, healthier, more efficient, and more engaged, you are talking to the right people.

Healthier Workforce

Spruces’ mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation by only using sustainable products to prevent allergies, asthma, and sick building syndrome. Having a cleaner and healthier workplace increases employee attendance by at least 15%.

Done deal

We are entrepreneurs to the core. Resourceful, agile and hungry. If we believe in it, it will happen. Obstacles are simply there to be defied. Have peace of mind knowing your cleaner treats your workplace like it’s their home — because the planet is everyone’s home.

Creative Thinkers

We’re always on the lookout for creative ways to bring more value to our clients. We embrace the latest technology and new ways of thinking. Whether it’s providing clients with the necessary tools, crafting a winning strategy, or maximising digital assets, innovation is in our DNA.

It's team time

A cohesive, dedicated team is a powerful force. Just as it takes a world-class orchestra to play a great symphony, it takes an exceptional crew to consistently deliver a 5-star cleaning experience. Together, we’re not just stronger and faster… we’re happier!

Happy clients, great reviews

We live for 5-star reviews just like these. And we’re so confident that we’ll knock your socks off with our amazing cleaning that if we don’t tickle your fancy, we’ll work for FREE until we do.
Danielle Laning
Danielle Laning
Great cleaners, very reliable as well as flexible. If there is an event in the office they will come in and do an extra clean. Instead of having to wait for the scheduled cleans.
Lara Souwer
Lara Souwer
Anton is a fantastic cleaner, he is always friendly and does an excellent job.
Great company, excellent service. I am extremely please with the work done. Leo & his team aim to please and have hit the target!
Jenny Lanyon
Jenny Lanyon
Reliable, friendly cleaners and the company offers great cleaning services - our clean times are adjusted to our business requirements. Highly recommended
Sara Watling
Sara Watling
Quick response, easy booking system and great service.

For every clean, we plant trees in your honour

Spruce is proud to partner with TreeLabs, on a mission to plant 500 million trees in 5 years. Planting trees is one of the cheapest and most effective strategies to fight climate change and prevent biodiversity loss. When you support Spruces, you are supporting sustainability and helping to create a better, brighter, greener future for all of Earth’s critters and crustaceans.
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