Halve Hotel Cleaning Costs with An AI Powered Workforce

Unlock unprecedented savings and operational efficiency in your hotel’s cleaning regimen with Spruces’ groundbreaking AI-powered workforce. With our advanced technology your hotel can achieve a standard that was physically impossible before.

Hotel Cleaning

The Problem

Quality Control and Efficiency

Managing in-house cleaners often leads to unmonitored work, with staff taking liberties such as excessive phone use, providing no data-driven insights into their performance, and lacking accountability, leading to missed spots and unaccounted stock.

The lack of supervision not only compromises the quality of cleaning but also increases operational costs due to inefficient practices and the need for additional checks and maintenance follow-ups. This lack of transparency and accountability can tarnish your hotel’s reputation and guest satisfaction.

The Solution

Real-Time Monitoring

Spruces revolutionizes cleaning with wearable tracking technology, ensuring every cleaner is monitored and accountable, directly addressing these pain points. A designated supervisor oversees the cleaning process in real-time, providing immediate quality control, assisting with issues, and coordinating maintenance as needed.

This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, reduces costs by eliminating the need for follow-up inspections, and ensures a spotless, secure environment for your guests, transforming the cleaning process into a seamless, trustworthy operation.

**All recorded data is anonymous and used for cleaning purposes only, we do not collect any guest or cleaner information**

Happy clients, great reviews

We live for 5-star reviews just like these. And we’re so confident that we’ll knock your socks off with our amazing cleaning that if we don’t tickle your fancy, we’ll work for FREE until we do.
Danielle Laning
Danielle Laning
Great cleaners, very reliable as well as flexible. If there is an event in the office they will come in and do an extra clean. Instead of having to wait for the scheduled cleans.
Lara Souwer
Lara Souwer
Anton is a fantastic cleaner, he is always friendly and does an excellent job.
Great company, excellent service. I am extremely please with the work done. Leo & his team aim to please and have hit the target!
Jenny Lanyon
Jenny Lanyon
Reliable, friendly cleaners and the company offers great cleaning services - our clean times are adjusted to our business requirements. Highly recommended
Sara Watling
Sara Watling
Quick response, easy booking system and great service.

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Features & Benefits

1. Quality Assurance

Experience unparalleled cleanliness with real-time monitoring and automated issue detection. With extensive quality checks and comprehensive data tracking, we deliver not just spotless spaces but also peace of mind for you and your guests.

2. Cost Savings

Our cutting-edge technology enables remote control and supervision of cleaning teams, optimising resources and labour for maximum efficiency. Significantly reduce overhead costs by minimising the need for large supervisory, training, and management teams. Bring together multiple hotels into a single, seamless system.

3. Privacy

We’ve designed our technology to uphold guest privacy as a top priority during our supervision processes. Confidentiality is reinforced by: Robust Encryption, Local Servers, ensuring regional compliance and security standards, ISO 27001 Certification and Privacy Assurance.

How We Enhance Your Hotel Cleaning

How We Enhance Your Hotel Cleaning

At Spruces, we’re redefining hotel cleaning services with a focus on efficiency, quality, and technology. Our unique approach leverages digital assessments and fair compensation practices to ensure your hotel benefits from superior cleaning standards.

By integrating photographs, online resources for comprehensive assessments, and streamlining our processes, we not only save time and costs but also elevate the quality of service delivered to your doorstep, ensuring a dedicated and satisfied cleaning team for your hotel.

Customized Cleaning Assessment

We start by analyzing photographs you upload and online resources, ensuring a precise understanding of your cleaning needs for an accurate quote.

Efficiency Meets Savings

Our digital quoting process eliminates the need for on-site visits, saving time and reducing costs—benefits we pass directly to you.

Fair Compen­sation, Superior Service

We pay our cleaners well above the industry average, promoting job satisfaction that translates into consistent, high-quality cleaning for your hotel.

Dedicated and Informed Cleaning Staff

Our competitive wages ensure a dedicated cleaner for your site, coupled with clear, direct instructions from our comprehensive online onboarding, guaranteeing that our staff meets your specific cleaning standards.

How We Compare

The traditional hotel room cleaning process involves multiple steps and personnel, resulting in a total time of 30 minutes (hotel average) and an average cost of $16 or more per room. This includes the cleaner’s work, supervisor checks, and maintenance review if needed.

In contrast, Spruces can reduce this cost to only 10.5. This approach integrates cleaning, supervision, training, and management into a more efficient and cost-effective system, reducing both the time and financial investment required for each room, ensuring high-quality results with less overhead.


Average Cost to Clean One Room

Efficiency and Cost Analysis



Comprehensive Hotel Pricing Plans

Smart Clean Demo

$ 0 For 30 days
  • Up to 20 cleans per day
  • Quality checks
  • Supervisor replacement
  • Productivity Boost

Smart Clean

$ 3 Per Clean
  • Includes all smart clean demo features
  • Up to 50 cleans per day
  • Room live status updates
  • Online Courses for Cleaners
  • Productivity Boost Plus

Smart Clean Pro

$ 5
Per Clean
  • Includes all smart clean features
  • Multi-Model Reporting
  • PMS integration (API)
  • Smart Rooms Allocations & Rostering
  • Significant reduction in costs 30%
  • Option to cleaning services at fixed price
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Call us Per Clean
  • Includes all smart clean pro features
  • Fully Custom built solution
  • 24/7 premium customer support
  • Clustering hotels to 1 system
  • Custom Branding for your hotels

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