3 Things Your Cleaning Company Should Always Do For You To Reduce Staff Complaints.

3 Things Your Cleaning Company Should Always Do For You To Reduce Staff Complaints.

Learn What Your Cleaning Company Should Be Doing Reduce Staff Complaints.

Running a wareoffice is very time-consuming. Daily work tasks for the operational manager are plenty, including making sure your staff has everything they need to perform at their best. 

But, we know you want to come to work and seamlessly transition into your daily routine without hearing your staff complaining about some dirty dishes, no toilet paper or that the cleaner forgot to disinfect their keyboards. 

So, how do you reduce staff complaints? 

At Spruces, we believe it is the responsibility of your warehouse cleaning company to reduce staff complaints by a least 97%. 

And we are proud to say reducing staff complaints is our specialty. 

Keep on reading to find out the 3 things your commercial cleaning company should always do for you to reduce staff complaints by at least 97%. 

1. Restocking.

Do you constantly hear your staff complaining about not having enough paper towels, toilet paper, bin liners, tea towels and more? 

Warehouses generally specialise in stock management, so it would be ironic for you to run out of stock in your kitchen and toilets. 

Unlike your staff, cleaning companies have ONE job. They maintain your facilities healthy and full of stock, so your team can worry about performing at the top.  

Outsourcing this headache is the right way to go. Hiring a cleaning specialist service that restocks your consumables will stop you from ever running low.  

Make this the last time that you have to look for a new cleaning company. 

Hire specialists that understand you and your business.

2. Real-Time Feedback Loop.

Do you have to deal with staff members complaining about their desks not being cleaned properly? 

You might hear things like: “There are coffee stains all over my desk from last week”, “There is dust all over my monitor”, or “My mouse and keyboard are filthy”. 

Right after the warehouse staff say: “The bathroom is a mess”, “There is dust all over the floor”, or “ The bins are filling up too quickly”. 

You, as the Operational Manager, must find these complaints exhausting and daunting. 

You hired commercial cleaning specialists, but they are not doing their job correctly. 

Contacting cleaning companies shouldn’t take any of your valuable time. 

Your cleaning company should always report what they have done and how they tackle the specific problems that your wareoffice presents.

But how can you stop wasting time writing emails to cleaners every week?

Hire a commercial cleaning company that offers a way to communicate with your staff directly without having you as the middleman. 

Spruces is now offering some very innovative ways for your staff to share feedback directly with us, saving you time, improving hygiene standards, and increasing your business’ productivity.

3. Get Guaranteed!

Every wareoffice cleaning specialist will tell you they are the best at what they do. 

But how do you know if what they offer is as good as they say? 


The only way to truly make sure you are getting value for your money is to try it out. 

But, we know it is painful to hire different warehouse cleaning specialists every month until you find the right one. 

At Spruces, we believe warehouse cleaning companies should offer a guarantee for their services. 

One way of doing this is by offering cashback if the number of complaints you get from your staff is the same as before you hired the service.

Spruces offers a 3-month guarantee to reduce staff complaints by at least 97% or pay you $700. 

Plus, the first 3 months of hiring our services come at a 50% discount. **Limited Time Only/Conditions Apply**

That is how confident we are about the effectiveness and convenience of the services we offer. 

Spruces has 5+ years of experience servicing Gold Coast Businesses with a 95% client retention rate. 

We are not just another cleaning company.

We are Spruces.


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