6 Tips To Get Your Workstation Ready Before The Cleaners Come.

6 Tips To Get Your Workstation Ready Before The Cleaners Come.

Learn how To Keep Your Workstation Tidy for When the Cleaners Come. 

Your wareoffice is your temple. It is the place where your most valuable ideas come to life. But ideas sometimes get messy, and so does our workstations. We tend to get inspired and fill our wareoffices with clutter that we promise ourselves will be useful at some point in our lives. Let’s be honest…it will not. Whether it is the workstation at your wareoffice or home, it is time for you to get onto the habit of leaving it dust-free and bacteria-free once and for all. Let’s de-clutter and reorganise your workstation. Here are six tips to get your workstation ready before the cleaners come. 

1. Remove Clutter.

Cleaners might come to your wareoffice 2-3 times a week.

Between these times, papers, sticky notes, forks, and cups begin to stack up. Clutter makes the perfect home for heaps of dust and bacteria. 

Cleaners have limited time at your facilities. If your desk is filled with clutter, they might have to skip cleaning important parts of your office to make it in the time scheduled. Remove clutter from your desk to make their job easier and reduce the number of bacteria and viruses you are exposed to

2. Place Water and Beer Glasses in One Place. or If Using Them Again Leave Them Behind the Computer Monitors.

For example, if you own a brewery, we know it is part of your job to taste the beer to ensure it is up to your standards. We get it! However, this means a bunch of beer glasses are left around the wareoffice every day. 

Try leaving all the glasses in the corner of your desk, near a bench, or in the kitchen so it saves the cleaner’s time and they can focus on disinfecting the area. 

3. Clutter on The Floor Is Not Good Either.

Remove unnecessary items from the floor to allow cleaners to properly vacuum and reach dust in more places. 

4. if You Have Any Specific Requests for The Cleaners, Leave a Sticky Note in A Visible Place.

We know… We said remove sticky notes from your desk, monitors, phones and mouse. But, leaving one sticky note on your computer monitor is usually fine. The cleaner can see the note and then dispose of it in the nearest bin. 

5. Think of New Arrangements. 

Think of ways to re-arrange your workspace. New arrangements are usually good for you as this can give your workstation a whole new look. Your cleaners can benefit from it too, as they can disinfect areas of your desk that become available. You’ll be surprised by the amount of dust condensed below things you haven’t moved in months. 

6. Place Posters at Your Wareoffice to Share Responsibilities. 

A good practice to remind staff of cleaning guidelines is placing posters in key areas of the wareoffice. Give your posters a funny or inspirational twist. Motivate your staff to do the right thing and help cleaners do their job more effectively.

You can contact us for fully customised posters for your wareoffice.


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