3 Most Common Mistakes Operational Managers (OM) Make When Looking for New Cleaning Services

3 Most Common Mistakes Operational Managers (OM) Make When Looking for New Cleaning Services

Learn the Mistakes Operational Managers (om) Make when Looking for New Cleaning Services

As an operational manager, you make sure that the employees, materials, and tasks align with the organisational goals. You are ready to move mountains to keep the business competitive and afloat.

However, there are business aspects that you are aware of but are already out of your expertise. One example is looking for the best cleaning services for the office.

To experience the benefits of professional office cleaning services, here are three common mistakes operational managers make when looking for new cleaning services:

1. Oms Fail at Finding a Service that Offers Immediate Communication.

In every aspect of business deals, communication is a huge factor. When an office needs an urgent cleaning service, OMs usually forget to ask several questions before hiring a cleaning company.

When hiring professional cleaners, make sure that goals are set. You need to be aware of several factors such as price, payment methods, references, scope and limitations of the services, specialization, and many more.

Failing to go through such information may result in extensive loss.

2. Oms Fail at Finding a Service that Genuinely Cares About Their Clients.

There are standards in hiring the best cleaning services for your business. You may strictly enumerate several factors and carefully choose among the pool of professional cleaners in the market. However, there is one factor that is hard to know — a company that genuinely cares.

One way to determine if a company values integrity and will treat clients with respect is by checking the website. If its core value surrounds compassion, then you might be on the right track.

Another way is by giving a call. If the person you talked to will listen, show enthusiasm, try to negotiate, and try his best to determine the best course of action based on your needs, he’s trained to take care of clients. 

3. Oms Fail at Finding a Service that Offers Cleaning Consistency.

A company that cares is a company that offers long-term solutions and relationships. Sometimes, managers fail to find a company that is consistent and will always stand by its core values.

If cleaning solutions include long-term plans, you can be assured that there is consistency because such methods may consist of maintenance and continuous services. Don’t look for a company that only offers band-aid solutions.

You can also check the company’s social media and websites like Yelp and Google MyBusiness. Then, you can have an idea if it can provide quality and consistent cleaning solutions for your office.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Consider the factors mentioned above when looking for a company that will help you provide a clean and conducive workplace. Never settle for less. Make this the last time you have to look for a new cleaning company. 

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